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offArtificial Intelligence developer

Réf. 8185 INY - Mise à jour 29 avril 2019
  • Objectif et Contenu

    In seven months, full-time + 3 months internship, become an AI Data Developer for free, with an active pedagogy.


    Soft Skills
    A good AI Data developer needs a deep understanding of a client's needs and activities and must learn to communicate technical concepts to a customer who isn't a specialist in the field. Therefore, You will learn to speak in public, to collaborate smoothly, to be agile and to manage a project from A to Z.
    Tech Skills
    You will learn Machine/Deep Learning (algorithms, neural networks,…), Natural Language Processing (detection, classification), Computer Vision (object recognition/tracking, OCR/handwriting recognition,…), Speech To Text, Text to Speech, AI solutions – Virtual Agents, Robotic Process Automation, intelligent case processing, Video Analytics, Unique Identity/ biometrics, inference engines, intelligent search, ontologies/knowledge representations…

    Type de formation

    Bruxelles Formation - Contrat de formation pour chercheur d'emploi reconnu par Bruxelles Formation

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    Contact BeCode @

    Registration closing: Early April 2019
    Selections phase: Early April 2019

  • Conditions d'admission
    Prérequis administratif

    Avoir au moins 18 ans.

    The training is given in English and is open to every Brussels job seeker, whatever the level of diploma or work experience is.

    We only need you to have some algorithmic / coding knowledge and be fluent in technical English


    Adress of the training: @BeCode - Cantersteen 10, 1000 Brussels


    7 mois (+ 3 mois de stage)


    temps plein


    Training start mid-April 2019 (End of the internship: February 2020)