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offExecutive Hospitality Management Education

Réf. 3227 SRE - Mise à jour 14 octobre 2017
  • Objectif et Contenu

    Learning in english and by postmail. Hmp (12 modules), departmental specialisation programme: -hotel and motel sales promotion. -tourism and the hospitality industry. -hospitality supervision. -quality leadership management. -front office procedures. -housekeeping management. -hotel security and safety. -financial accounting i -financial accounting ii -facilities and design management. -food and beverage service. -food and beverage controls. Dsp (5 modules/each option): An option contains 5 lessons. option 1: marketing ans sales management. option 2: food and beverage management. option 3: financial and accounting management. option 4: rooms division management. option 5: human resources management.

    Certification(s) visée(s)

    Certification d'un organisme privé non reconnue par la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

    Enseignement privé




    1250 euros/12 modules or 250 euros/lesson. -

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    Prérequis administratif

    -Adequate standard in reading and speaking english.

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off BBA - Brussels Business Academy for Hotel Management