offEquivalence of diplomas

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    Make the most of your diploma or level of study acquired abroad !


    On the agenda:

    - The Cité des métiers and the partners who help you get your diploma recognized

    - What is a diploma equivalence? What can it be used for?

    - How, when and where to apply for equivalence?

    - What documents will you be asked for? What if you do not have all the required documents? What elements will be analysed in your application?

    - How much does the procedure cost?

    - How long do you have to wait for a decision? What if you do not understand or are not satisfied with the decision?

    - Are there alternatives if an equivalence of your diploma is not possible?

    The CIRÉ's Work, Equivalence and Training (TEF) service and Bon will answer your questions and, in collaboration with the Cité des métiers, guide you, taking into account your career plan.

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