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Cyber Sécurité - DevSecOps Specialist avec BeCode

Réf. 8407 INY - Mise à jour 10 septembre 2020
  • Objectif et Contenu

    In seven months of a full-time active pedagogy + 3 months internship, become a Junior DevSecOps, for free.


    Soft Skills
    As a Junior DevSecOps, you need to be eager to learn, as techniques are evolving all the time. You need to be solution minded and flexible, because of the challenges that you’ll face. More important, you need to be a reliable team player: that means, being committed and always take part in the collective load, giving constructive feedbacks.

    Tech Skills
    During this training, we work on five different profiles.
    • Secure Developer: The Secure Developer is aware of the importance of a well written, well maintained and secure code. His role is to make sure that production code is robust and bug-free.
    • Cybersecurity Specialist: Computer security know-how, as well as a general understanding of computer systems
    • DevOps Specialist: Being involved in the entire lifecycle of the services they work on. They usually automate processes to make development and system administration smoother with things like pipelines.
    • System Administrator: Being in charge of configuring, monitoring and managing computer systems. That often translates to taking care of servers. Sometimes on an infrastructural scale.
    • DevSecOps Specialist: Computer scientist in charge of the entire development process, from actual coding, passing by automation of testing and building, to security concerns, that encompasses multiple roles such as developer, system administrator and security expert.

    Type de formation

    Bruxelles Formation - Contrat de formation pour chercheur d'emploi reconnu par Bruxelles Formation

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  • Conditions d'admission
    Prérequis administratif

    Etre chercheur d'emploi inoccupé.. Avoir au moins 18 ans.

    The training is open to every job seeker living in Brussels (registered by Actiris).


    The training is open to everyone whatever the level of diploma or work experience. We only need you to have the junior development skills (web, git, algorithmic) and fundamental computer know-how and a good level of technical English.



    Adress of the training: BeCode Brussels - BeCentral Digital Campus - Cantersteen 10, 1000 Brussels
    For more information, see on the website:


    7 months (+ 3 months internship)


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